Designed for a minimum of 100 swings/player/hour with light instruction from the SFBA expert staff.

We change our Open Hours with each season. Be sure to remember to check our current schedule!

To ensure your spot please sign up online below, or via email or phone.



Purchase an Open Hour Membership to attend unlimited open hours on a monthly basis. After 4 visits, the membership pays for itself! Can be used towards Open Hitting Hours and Open Pitching Hours for players aged 7-18, or Adult Open Hitting if 21+. Please see below for more details on these services.

1 Month : $121

6 Months : $660

Full Year : $1,212

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During this hour, the hitters participate in 3 types of hitting drills; tee work, front toss and live batting practice. We max out Open Hitting at 30 players.

$30 / player / hour

Age 6-18

Summer 2019 Schedule (Effective June 1st - August 31st)

Tuesday 4 - 5pm Friday 4 - 5pm
Wednesday 6 - 7pm Saturday 9 - 10am
Thursday 6 - 7pm Saturday 2 - 3pm

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During this hour, one of our expert coaches will go over the importance of arm care, correct pitching mechanics and monitor the appropriate amount of pitches thrown in their bullpens. We max out Open Pitching at 10 players. 

$30 / player / hour

Age 6-18

Wednesdays 5 - 6pm

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Leave the kids at home and start your Friday night off right at the SFBA!

During this hour, we offer complimentary beer and wine with unlimited swings for the hour with an SFBA coach.

Be sure to book your spot in advance as we may cancel the hour if no one is signed up.

$30 / player / hour 

Age 21 and over

Friday 6 - 7pm