SFBA classes are an hour long, run by our expert coaches who ensure unmatched individual attention in a group setting. We use age and skill appropriate drills to progressively improve your child’s skill set according to the focus of the class.

If you would like to create a private group class during the week, please contact us for details.

Please call, email or book online to reserve your spot as classes do fill up!

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Minor League Classes expose your son or daughter to the fundamentals of baseball; throwing, fielding and hitting. Coaches emphasize the importance of social interaction, team play and sportsmanship in a fun and energetic atmosphere.

For players aged 4 - 6

$40 / player / hour

Saturdays 12 noon - 1pm

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Major League Classes focus on strengthening the fundamentals of baseball; fielding, throwing and hitting. We place great emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie within each group. Packages are available below.

For players aged 7 - 12

1 class - $55
5 classes - $245 ($49 / class)
9 classes - $387 ($43 / class)

Saturdays 12 noon - 1 pm